Undergraduate Volunteer Programme

The Undergraduate Volunteering Programme is one of the training and capacity building opportunities at the BIEA. While at the Institute, volunteers participate in our core business which is research centered. Our volunteers receive guidance and support to conduct their own research and develop their academic skills and interests, while connecting with academics and students from around the globe.

‘I’m grateful to the BIEA for the Undergraduate Volunteer opportunity. It’s been an incredibly amazing experience having had a chance to develop vital skills that remain pivotal to my academic pursuits. With this opportunity, I managed to engage in the participation and organization of the Weekly BIEA Reading groups and PHD forums taking over email correspondences regarding the same. These platforms have and continue to profoundly build on my reading skills thus help me better understand how to engage in, interpret and shape scholarly conversations. This has indeed been and continues to be an Incredible space on academic development for me : Forever a member,’ LoiceOn’gere, UVP 2018.

Gideon MawasiUVP 2018,’Undertaking the BIEA UV programme has been a great  honour. Coming from a legal background, it was refreshing to be exposed to a broad social sciences and humanities research environment.  I was also privileged to host a panel discussion on the Kenyan youth and corruption at the BIEA, a first for undergraduate volunteers. I enjoyed the stimulating discussions based on splendid book selections that characterized the weekly reading groups. The close interaction with both young and accomplished researchers was really the highlight of the programme that has strengthened my resolve to pursue research in the future.’

For more information about our Undergraduate Volunteering Programme, please contact:
Tel: +254 (0)20 815 5186 or Cell: 254 735 260004 / 254 724 576 600
Email: [email protected]