The Archaeology of Kakapeli: Integrating Rock Art Studies and Archaeological Research

Dr Emmanuel Ndiema is with the National Museums of Kenya. ([email protected])

This research project takes a multidisciplinary approach to establish the if there exists a behavioral relationship between rock art and archaeological material, and how Kakapeli rock art that depicts livestock and geometric circles relates to the archaeology of the surrounding area, including art that has been found at the Northern flanks of the cave.

The findings contribute to four different areas of study: rock art research, research into the origins and spread of pastoralism in Africa, and our understanding of material culture.  The association of rock art with pastoralist people may prove to have major implications for the documentation of the spread of pastoralism in east Africa.

Dr Ndiema’s research also includes Modelling the Spatial Dynamics for Early Pastoralism at Koobi Fora, Kenya.

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