Professor Merrick Posnansky


Prof Merrick Posnansky

Prof Merrick Posnansky

Merrick Posnansky was appointed Assistant Director in charge of the Kampala Office of the British Institute at the Uganda Museum in 1962, where he had been curator since 1958.

As Assistant Director, he was involved in the negotiations with the nascent University of East Africa (UEA) for the Institute’s affiliation and the selection of a permanent base for the Institute. As part of this, he organized a regional training program in archaeology, with fieldwork training components at Kilwa (Tanzania) and Moiben (Kenya) in 1963. Also in 1962, he assisted the Brathay Exploration Group in bringing British and Uganda youth together to work on the rock art site of Nyero, the historic fort of Dufile and to engage in ethnoarchaeological work on Mount Elgon. While in post, he excavated at the Middle Stone Age site of Nyabusora (Tanzania) and the Later Stone Age and rock art site of Magosi (Uganda). He also taught archaeology at Makerere University College, the first regular courses in archaeology at a tropical African university, and wrote the blueprint for archaeology instruction for the UEA.

He is now Emeritus Professor of African Archaeology at UCLA, California.

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