Equipment and Vehicles

BIEA currently has two long wheel-base Land Rover Defenders that can be hired by researchers.

The BIEA also has a store of field equipment for survey and excavation. A list of this equipment can be found here .


Current charges for BIEA staff seconded to research projects: KSH
Normal daily rate (8am to 4.30pm) 7000
Overtime (hours outside 8am-4.30pm Monday to Friday) 600
Overtime (Saturday) 600
Double time (Sundays and Kenyan bank holidays) 600

Researchers are advised to book equipment and vehicles well in advance of arriving in Nairobi. Rates for hiring vehicles and technical equipment can be found here.

In May 2014, after pursuing a BSc. in Geospatial Engineering, a new GIS and Survey Technician joined us. Mr John Kanyingi is proficient in using the Total Station and GPS in the field recently supporting archaeological fieldwork in Engaruka, Tanzania; and Mida Creek on the Kenyan coast.

Please contact Fabian Ongaya to book the BIEA Land Rovers. Please contact John Kanyigi to book field equipment or for further information.

Please note:

Conditions of secondment and overtime

BIEA technical staff are employed according to the laws of Kenya, and their employment is subject to these laws even when they are in the field, and even when they are working outside Kenya. The working week is calculated as 40 hours in length, with eight hours normal working time on each day from Monday to Friday 8 am to 4.30 pm (with an additional half an hour unpaid lunch).

It may be desirable for staff on field projects to work longer hours than these, and the director of the project may ask them to do so. Staff are not obliged to work such additional hours, and if they do so they are entitled to overtime payments, which are charged at £6.00 per hour Monday-Saturday, and £8.00 per hour on Sundays and public holidays. Directors of field projects should note that for these purposes, travel counts as overtime.

Directors of field projects are asked to keep a record of all overtime hours worked by staff; on return to the Nairobi base at the end of the field project a signed copy of this record must be passed to the Administrative Manager at BIEA, who will calculate the overtime earned by the staff involved and charge the project accordingly (see sample form here). 

NB.  These rates apply to researchers and institutions.

To make a provisional enquiry, check the BIEA bookings calendar below and then fill in the provisoinal reservation form.

Days highlighted yellow indicate pre-existing bookings.

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