Director – Professor Ambreena Manji



Prof Ambreena Manji

Ambreena Manji was Director of the British Institute in Eastern Africa from October 2010 to July 2014 and is presently Professor of Law at Cardiff University in the UK.

Personal Research Projects

In my research I have sought to develop socio-legal perspectives on African law. My research projects are characterised by three main methodological approaches. Firstly, in my work I pay attention not only to the content and development of doctrinal law but also to its broader social and political context and to the complex relations between them. Thus, my study of issues in land law is widened to take account of the implications for law of such factors as global governance, changing financial markets and national political struggles. Secondly, my research is interdisciplinary in methodology. My interpretation of legal materials draws on literary theory, historical studies and political economy. Thirdly, my work has sought to develop materialist feminist perspectives on law and development. Specifically I have examined women’s central position as providers of productive and reproductive labour in both the rural and urban economies of East Africa.

I am currently conducting four flagship research projects:

The Politics of Land Law Reform

Law in African Literature

Legal Education and Decolonization

Intimacy and Inequality: Women’s Reproductive Labour in Nairobi


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