Category: Bio-cultural Frontiers


Bio-cultural Frontiers

This section includes research into the intersections between nature and culture, and science and environmentalism, exploring the ways environmental and biophysical materialities and social knowledge and practices are deeply intertwined and co-produced.


Underwater Archaeological Investigations at Kilwa, Tanzania Dr Edward Pollard, Dr Richard Bates, Elgidius Ichumbaki

Landscape, Environment and Settlement in Eastern Uganda and Northwest Kenya c. 2000 BP to Present – Dr Matthew Davies, Miss Rachel Goodall, Dr Kennedy Mutundu, Miss Sarah Pilliard

Gamo Highlands and Marsabit National Park Dr Robert Marchant

Palaeoenvironmental History of Mangrove Forests – Paramita Punwong

ASEC-Dryland Forests – Dr Aida Cuni Sanchez

Historical Ecologies of East African Landscapes (HEEAL) Paul Lane