Following the murder of George Floyd, the British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA) expresses its solidarity with those who suffer racism and police violence around the world, and particularly with Black individuals and communities who often bear the brunt of such violence. The scholarship of our members and affiliates is fundamentally concerned with justice, inequality, and histories of racism. For these reasons, we recognise the historic and present-day connections between struggles for justice across the globe. 

In line with its mission and its commitment to promote research in all the disciplines in the humanities and social sciences within the wider region of eastern Africa, the BIEA is organising a series of webinars on #BlackLivesMatter with a particular focus on racism, police brutality, state violence, memorialisation, and justice in eastern Africa. 

In turn, we invite researchers, activists and practitioners who would like to speak on an online panel or roundtable to contact Purity Wamuyu ([email protected]) with a suggested topic and title. We welcome papers that provide historical or contemporary accounts of violences suffered, as well as those that offer ideas on how to promote justice and equality. Priority will be given to speakers from the region.