BIEA Board

In March 2020, the NGO Coordination Board approved the new Constitution of BIEA Kenya. This established a Board of Directors nominated by the BIEA Governing Council in London. The current members are listed below. This Board will serve for a transitional period until the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of BIEA Kenya which is planned for October 2020. The AGM will then elect a new Board to serve for one year. The current members will be eligible for election, along with any further members nominated by the Board. Under the Constitution, the Board acts as the “policy organ” of BIEA Kenya and has the powers to undertake and promote academic research in Eastern Africa.

Professor Catherine Ndungo

Sir Jeffrey James

Dr Freda Nkirote

Professor Karuti Kanyinga

Professor Gabrielle Lynch

Dr Fred Nyongesa

Dr Jane Humphris

Professor Rosemary Okello