Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa

Azania is a leading archaeological journal, presenting peer-reviewed work of international quality. It has been published annually since 1966. In 2009 Azania was renamed ‘Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa’ and its remit expanded. It now publishes peer-reviewed papers and briefer research reports, as well as book and conference reviews, on all aspects of archaeological research in Africa.

Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa

Azania is produced in conjunction with Taylor & Francis Ltd, and has four issues per year. View the journal website at    //
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  • Professor Kevin MacDonald: Institute of Archaeology, University College London, UK
  • Professor Peter Mitchell: University of Oxford, UK
  • Professor Peter Robertshaw: California State University, USA

Associate Editor

  • Professor Anne Haour, University of East Anglia, UK

Editorial Board